Put a Bird on It!

Bird-lovers don’t only hail from Portland. Actually, it seems like DC has some of the cutest looking birds around. Unlike the huge, scary-imma-peck-out-the-eyes-of-a-baby-bunny raven variety we have in Los Angeles or the overweight pigeons that can barely stay airborne, there are tons of plump birds with tiny legs of the Bambi variety here. While I definitely enjoy watching other members of the animal kingdom go about their business (There was definitely this one homo sapien carrying the most amazing purse with alarmingly tall stilts/pumps)…birds are awesome. They make dumb pets and screech a lot but they’re awesome to watch pecking away in their natural environment around trashcans in Dupont.

In conclusion…will I join the Audubon Society and take up a secondary career as a bird-watching enthusiast? Probably not. Will I continue to snap photos and coo at every red-breasted birdie that pops my way? Hell yes.



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