First off, the name’s Vicki.

Second, I’m sure you’re all wondering: what is aglobalchick about? If you’ve mistakenly come to my blog to buy chickens from international vendors, I’m telling you now this site probably won’t do it for you. On the other hand, if you’re looking to waste time and procrastinate, I say, “Greetings my friend” aka “Whaddup homie…homester…homiesteins.”

A blog that was originally created as an intellectual outlet for my interests in international relations and public affairs, aglobalchick is now merely a collection of ramblings, musings and silly quips on items I find interesting. To mitigate some of the more depressing aspects of my chosen field of study (Honestly, there is nothing more interesting or more depressing than reading daily news updates on foreign policy), I am endeavoring to create a blog dedicated to nonsense, optimism and joyful silliness based on world peace, cooperation and antebellum facial hair. My vote is for the guy with the party to the sides and a vacancy from the bottom lip down.

Additional, non-essential info:

I’m a native Californian but a current resident of Washington, DC.

Contact me at aglobalchick@gmail.com

And now, welcome to the blog!


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